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System Administration

The GRIT team is experienced in GIS computer system administration. From database development, maintenance and troubleshooting to software and hardware upgrades, the experts at GRIT are available to help manage your client-side and server-side GIS applications.

Project Management

photodune-381043-helpline-xsAt GRIT, we know that specializing in Geographic Information Systems is only half of the story. Proper planning and experienced project management are essential to for successful, cost effective outcomes. From requirements gathering through phased implementation and change management, the team at GRIT can help ensure a successful GIS project for your organization.

Information Management

photodune-645566-female-executive-using-cellphone-with-colleagues-in-background-xsGeo-relational data is just that, data. Its true value is realized only when it's transformed into effective information. The team at GRIT has extensive experience and expertise in modeling, extracting, compiling and mapping data into useful information designed to help you better evaluate, predict and manage.

GIS Training

photodune-1641012-closeup-of-a-female-researcher-carrying-out-an-experiment-in-a-l-xsTraining, instructing, mentoring, sharing--whatever you call it--the team at GRIT has experience in GIS course development and delivery for a variety of public and private clients. Whether you need to educate your internal staff or you want to explore career and course development for your organization, the staff at GRIT is here to help.

Geo-Relational Information Systems
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