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photodune-645566-female-executive-using-cellphone-with-colleagues-in-background-xsGeo-relational data is just that, data. Its true value is realized only when it's transformed into effective information. The team at GRIT has extensive experience and expertise in modeling, extracting, compiling and mapping data into useful information designed to help you better evaluate, predict and manage.



  • Methodlogy for modeling the effects of subsidence on trenches and boreholes at a radioactive waste repository
  • Development of parameter distractions in support of the NRC's regulatory guidance for NUREG/CR-5512
  • System documentation ( QA plan, Spatial and Tablular Database Design, technical operating procedures) for the Greater Confinement Disposal (GCD) Project Date Management System (DMS)
  • Use of ESRIs ARC/INFO UNIX-based GIS software and ArcView desktop GIS software to evaluate existing conditions and proposed alternates foe Environmental Impact Statements.
  • Design and development of GIS-based GUI for the display, assessment, and evaluation of NRC Site Decommissioning Management Plan (SDMP) sites
  • Compilation of data sets for use in determining the environmental baseline conditions at Kirtland AFB
  • Design, development and implementation of GIS spatial databases, using ESRI's ARC/INFO GIS software for use in environmental assessments and remediation

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