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Project Management

photodune-381043-helpline-xsAt GRIT, we know that specializing in Geographic Information Systems is only half of the story. Proper planning and experienced project management are essential to for successful, cost effective outcomes. From requirements gathering through phased implementation and change management, the team at GRIT can help ensure a successful GIS project for your organization.



  • Project management GIS data development schedule and dataase design for San Juan Basin Groundwater Modeling Project, under contract to US-DOJ/US-BIA
  • Spatial database design and consulting on implementation of GIS system o support Critical Infrastructure Analysis Department in work for DHS, DOE, and DOD
  • GIS management in support of contract to US Forest Sercie, Southwest Region
  • Scope of work and methodology for construction management tool for surveillance and maintenance of ER sites
  • GIS project management in support of radioactive waste management, performance assessments, and facility siting analysis
  • Cost estimates and schedules for GIS projects
  • GIS project management supporting natural resource inventory  and analysis

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